The Sky Blieu Tech mission is to work in unison while  providing principal validation of Information Technology Services by implementing long term innovative strategies with our client’s mission and partnering organizations.

SBT articulates decision rights with respect to IT investments ensuring they deliver the maximum business value at an acceptable level of risk. We assist organizations with measuring business value and the management and communication of IT value delivery to answer the following questions:
       Are we doing our due diligence to the mission?
       Are we getting the full spectrum of benefits from our IT services?

SBT utilizes industry best practices to assist clients with maximizing the benefits derived through the use of information technology by developing the appropriate program management and quality assurance tools allowing for transparency and accountability of services rendered.

Our standard program approach to IT service development and delivery affords our customers a measurable return on IT investments, accelerated standards-based service management adoption, reduced timelines and significant cost savings.